About me...

My name is Sydney Zmitrewicz, and I have always had a passion for art and nature. After drawing and selling my art locally for a few years, I decided to do it full time and pursue what I love, offering it here on my website as well as many others.

I specialize in watercolor and ink, but also enjoy using charcoal, oils, pastels, and acrylics. I use any "canvas" for drawing, from coffee paper to card board and everthing in between.

For more examples of both my wildlife and fantasy paintings, please see here http://taigaamur.deviantart.com/

If you contact me by email I will try with my best efforts to get back to you the same day, as I believe that customer service is of the utmost importance, and I strive the for the best experience for my ALL my customers, no matter what! 


Thank you and enjoy your time here,



Contact Information:


805 -231-1908 (please leave a message)